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Founded in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, TentMaker Ministries has a burden to reach orphans and vulnerable children and those that care for them with the Good News of Christ’s love for them.

Since 2004 we have been serving orphans and vulnerable children in Southern Africa (South Africa and Malawi) by partnering with local ministries to assist them in caring for the impoverished and disadvantaged in their communities. Our assistance comes in the form of spiritual, financial, and physical support through our prayers, purses and presence.

Current projects include providing food security, shelter, healthcare, educational assistance and spiritual formation opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children through local community based organizations.

In addition to addressing the immediate physical needs of the children we also speak directly into the spiritual lives of those we minister to, conducting in depth bible studies and ministerial training with an emphasis on salvation and discipleship as well as topical studies relating to real-life issues such as what the Bible says about sex.

Looking for more? We also minister to first-world countries by providing opportunities for short-, medium- and long-term volunteers service. Consider participating on a short-term mission team or as a medium- or long- term volunteer to love, laugh, and ‘do life’ with the widows and orphans we minister to. You will bless them and be blessed BY them in return… more than you can ever imagine!

You can help provide them with food, shelter, healthcare and education, but most importantly securing their eternity through the Good News of Christ’s love for them.