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A New School Year Means New Kids Wearing New Uniforms in New Learning Centers with New Staff and Volunteers at Naledi Christian Academy!

It’s been a hectic six weeks since we re-opened the doors of Naledi Christian Academy on January 14 for the 2015 school year. The addition of 22 children in two new primary school learning centers, which brings our current total enrollment to 100, has kept us hopping. Those students are being housed this year in a new building originally designed to be offices until proper learning centers can be built, hopefully before the start of the 2016 school year.


In addition to the new learning centers and uniforms we also are using a new Biblical, individualized and self-paced curriculum with the primary students which instills Biblical values and reinforces sixty different Christ-like characteristics, with a focus on teaching the children how to live, not just how to make a living. The reception of the new material and methods by the children has been outstanding and we are excited by the amount and level of learning that is taking place in the learning centers.

Of course the primary school students had to be outfitted with new uniforms, seen in the picture below. Thanks to all of the generous donors who sponsored one or more uniforms to help keep the cost of enrollment at Naledi affordable to the parents of the children who attend. It’s not too late to be a blessing if you’d like to sponsor a uniform or shoes for one of our students… there are still quite a few students whose parents are struggling to find the funds for their child’s uniform and shoes. We still have about 10 children needing sponsors to help cover the cost of the love, food, care and education they receive at school. The cost to sponsor a child is $25 a month or a one-time annual payment of $300. Uniforms cost $60 and shoes $20. You can sponsor any of these items by clicking on the “Donate Now” button on www.TentMakerMinistries.com and designating your gift to the appropriate line item on our on-line giving form.


We have waaayyyy too many photos of the most clever, smartest-looking students to include in this newsletter or even post on-line… if you’d like to see a few of them you can check them out here.

Short-, Medium- and Long-Term Volunteers Still Needed…

With all these new developments at Naledi Christian Academy we have a great need for short-, medium-, and long term- volunteers with a passion for children and interest in teaching to pour the Love of Jesus into the children in school… particularly the older (age 7 to 16) students who are just learning to read or require remedial attention to help them learn to read. “Short-term” can be as little as two weeks… if that’s you (and we hope it is!) please email us at Volunteers@TentMakerMinistries.com for more information!

A Mother’s Love

DineoWe’re happy to announce that on 24 January, Dineo, one of our property residents, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom she named Tshiamo Genesis. The name Tshiamo means ‘goodness/wellness’ and Genesis, well, of course means ‘beginning’ which is very appropriate for not only the life of the baby, but also for her mother as she has found new meaning and direction for her life through Jesus Christ.

Dineo was asked in what way her life has changed the most since becoming a mother, and without the least bit of hesitation, she shook her head and said “the love… I appreciate my own mother so much more now because I never realized how much she gave of herself for me.”  She went on to say that now she knows how much time her mother spent loving and caring not only for her, but also for her seven other children!

Our prayer is that Dineo and Tshiamo may share a healthy and loving mother-daughter relationship as they begin family life together.  May they celebrate the immense love that Jesus has for them and come to know how much He gave of Himself not only for the two of them, but for all of His children!  Thank you Jesus for gift of love and new life!

TentMaker Ministries: South Africa… The Sequel

We can’t believe that it’s been nearly two years since Jeremy Schmidt of Edge of Cinema video productions was here to document the work Christ is doing in and through us in South Africa, but it has! We were so blessed by the first film (you can watch it on-line here) and are excited to have Jeremy and his business partner Matt coming back in March to create an update showing how Christ has continued to go before us and prepare the way over the past two years. Jeremy and Matt have put together a short video describing their purpose and motivation which you can watch here. Please be in prayer for them as they travel and ask Christ to guide their work and creative process to produce a film which helps to spread the Good News of Christ’s Love for all people and brings glory and honor to His name.

Party With A Purpose!

Is “The Wedding Planner” on your list of favorite movies? Do you love to put together social functions? Dream of being an event planner or coordinator? Here’s your chance! TentMaker Ministries founders Bill and Susan Weibel will be back in the United States in May and June and are looking for people to host a “Party with a Purpose” to raise support for Naledi Christian Academy. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in please email us at PartyWithAPurpose@TentMakerMinistries.com

Comings and Goings…

JenArrivingWe are so blessed to have Jen Torres serving with us! Jen arrived in January and will be with us for a year, and already in just six weeks has been a tremendous help and answer to prayer. Please keep Jen in your prayers for peace, safety and comfort as she follows Christ’s call on her life to serve alongside us here in South Africa.Taylor


We also continue to be blessed by the efforts of Taylor Van Duinen who has been serving with us for eleven months now and will be returning to the United States after completing her term of service at the end of March. Please join us in thanking God for Taylor and her servant heart, for safety and travel mercies for her when she returns home, and for His peace, comfort and understanding as she adjust back to life in the United States.