Merry Christmas from South Africa!

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16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. {John 3:16-17 NKJV}

What an indescribable Gift! Let’s remember God’s Gift to us this CHRISTmas season!

While most of the country is on an extended Christmas holiday we’ve been busy ending one school year and preparing for the beginning of another… here’s just SOME of what’s happened since our last update….



There’s no better way to celebrate new life in Christ than celebrating baptisms! Earlier this month we were blessed to welcome four of our preschool staff into the family as sisters in Christ as Alpha, Suzan, Thabang and Pulane all professed Jesus as their Lord and Savior at our year-end staff retreat held at the Potch Dam and demonstrated their faith in and obedience to Him by being baptized in the swimming pool!



Yes, quite a few of our Grade R (Kindergarten) kids will be moving on to Primary School in January… many of them into Grade 1 at Naledi Christian Academy (as opposed to Naledi Christian Preschool). It’s been amazing to watch them grow in stature, wisdom and Christ this last year. Please continue to pray for them as they enter a new year.

New Residents!


We’re also blessed and excited to welcome April, our groundsman, his wife Dora, and four of their children as new residents of House 1 on the property as well as welcome (back) Dineo, whom we known since 2008 when she was only 14. Dineo stayed with us previously from January to March of 2013 and is back with us again, staying in House 2.

Now here’s some of what we’re looking forward to in the future… we hope you are too!

Annual Sponsorships Are Due

If you are one of the many people who are sponsoring a child at Naledi Christian Academy with an ANNUAL $300 prepayment of the sponsorship fees, it’s time to renew! You can do so by mailing your sponsorship check to us at TentMaker Ministries, PO Box 1193, Breckenridge CO 80424, or by clicking here to make a one-time payment of $300 or sign up for monthly $25 payments designated to “Sponsor a Child’s Monthly School Fees”. We’ll also be sending email reminders to each of our sponsors who have elected to pay their sponsorship annually.

Two more shopping days ‘til Christmas…

(Surely you won’t shop on the 25th, will you?)

Having a hard time coming up with the perfect gift this holiday season? Want to give something thoughtful, something meaningful? Want your gift to matter? Here are a few last minute ideas that can last a lifetime…

Sponsors a Child’s Education

ListsUniformsWe’re making our lists and checking them twice to be sure every child at Naledi Christian Academy has a sponsor and every sponsor has a child, and that we order the right number and sizes of t-shirts, shoes and uniforms for the children that will be starting the new school year on January 14! Right now registration stands at 95 total, with room for a few more, and at least 15 children needing sponsors. You can sponsor a child for $25 a month, a child’s t-shirt ($6), shoes ($20) or uniform ($60).

Sponsor one of our Missionaries…

JenIt’s hard for us to believe that in 10 short days Jen Torres (shown here with Jeanette from House 2) will be arriving in South Africa to invest a year of her life in the work Christ is doing here in South Africa. Please keep Jen in your prayers for traveling mercies, safety, peace and comfort and a closer relationship with Christ as she takes this step of faith. While the initial funds required to get Jen here and keep her for a few months have been raised, additional funds are still required to allow her to complete her one year term of service.

If you would like to sponsor Jen or one of the children at Naledi you can do so by clicking here and designating your gift to the appropriate line item.

2014 Year-End

Praise God, 2014 has been a year for the record books… spiritually and financially, thanks to everyone that has supported us with their prayers, presence and purses. We’ll be sending our 2014 Donation Receipts to everyone that supported us financially on January 7, 2015. If you’d like a tax-deductible gift to be recorded in 2014 please be sure to make your on-line donation on or before December 31st. Checks dated on or before December 31st that we receive in the mail on or before January 6 will be recorded as 2014 gifts.

To be the best stewards of what Christ has blessed us with we will email these statements to those we have email addresses for and mail printed statements only to those for whom we have no email address.

2015 Team Dates

If you have a team of 6-12 people that would like to come and serve alongside us in South Africa we would be glad to discuss the possibilities with you! Listed below are the PRIME-TIME dates that we are able to host teams in 2015:

March 26 – April 12

June 27 – July 19

October 3 – 11

These dates intentionally coincide with school holidays in South Africa, which make our school facilities available for hosting educational programs, bible studies, and maintenance and repairs, which are common tasks we will ask potential teams to assist us with. Our school staff also is free of their teaching responsibilities and available to participate in bible studies, training and other educational opportunities as are all the children in the community.

Event Hosts

Is “The Wedding Planner” on your list of favorite movies? Do you love to put together social functions? Dream of being an event planner or coordinator? Here’s your chance! We’re looking for people to plan, coordinate and host a “Party with a Purpose” in May/June to raise support for Naledi Christian Academy. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in please email us at

To you and your families from us and ours, prayers for the most blessed Christmas and New Year!

The children, families, staff and volunteers of TentMaker Ministries